So I used to live in Nice two years ago and while I was there I enjoyed Wayne’s Bar and Pompei as my frequent weekend stops. I met many people from English speaking countries at these bars but I was living in France! I wanted to met and become friends with the French people. Because of this I made a promise to myself that when I came back to France, I would move outside of Nice and find a smaller city to explore the French language.
So I moved to Antibes. But wait! Everyone speaks English here too?! Merde’. But I am happy that I get to work at L’Endroit; I get to meet beautiful French people every time I work and they love to teach me France’.
In this profession I get to meet many types of characters and my favorite personality so far is the yachtie. Oh what joy it is to see a drunken yachtie dance and be merry. I laugh and joke but in all honesty, it is a real pleasure to serve locals and yacht crew alike; the dynamics of these two cultures colliding here offers a holistic view of how the world should function. Together, blending people’s race and ideals, Antibes makes the perfect atmosphere.
I feel at home in the south of France. I feel safe. And even though there is travesty around us, the way we live here makes me feel like we are making a difference in the people’s live we interact with.
Please come by and have some fun with us. We are always dancing and smiling. We always remember a face and a good crowd is our mission. Thank you for having me France, I’m looking forward to 2017!!!

Levi (L’Endroit, Antibes)

L'Endroit. Lounge Club, Pub karaoké club. Antibes


Lounge Club, Pub Karaoké Club

21h-2h30 été 21h-0h30 hiver

29, Rue Aubernon
06600 Antibes

Tél. 06 63 60 88 22

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